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Piano Insurance – Protecting your Instrument against all odds

music instrument
by miheco

Probably, huge number of musical instrument owners, music studio owners and such more people would be visiting insurance companies & individual agents asking about the insurance to cover their professional asset. The very usual question asked by them is “Why should I insure it?” or “How can I cover it from risks while playing at rock shows & events?” Here every owner would ask for viable options for insurance as safety if in case anything unexpectedly happens. Few artists are like nomads who travel at different locations with their instruments and of course, bands if they are a music brand to conduct shows.

How to approach for right insurance cover?

The first call that you need to take is searching out couple of insurance companies in your nearest city to whom you can take an appointment & reach at their office. These insurance companies being in the industry for long years are well-aware of your love towards music & instrument and so they have constructed few insurance policies which can be fit as per every individual’s needs. May it be String Instrument Insurance, Violin Insurance, Electric Guitar Insurance, Drum Insurance, Woodwind Insurance, Brass Insurance and few others, all sorts of music equipments can be saved from danger! Theft, repair or replacement of the instrument can come without any sure time moment and then you would lose upon your precious asset, if you haven’t been responsible enough to buy an insurance coverage.

Talking about Piano Insurance, piano is undoubtedly one of the most sensitive instruments of music world. It requires due care to be taken taking sometime out of your day’s schedule, if you really love it. My niece has its first love over piano which her father had gifted her on 7th birthday last year and now she is on with her music lessons over it as personal coaching. Her teacher once came home and was teaching for level 2. Sandra, my niece went to pick up huge jar of juice but as it was too heavy for her it fell on her piano and broke few keys. She was too heavy-hearted after this incident as her father had gathered a lot of money and now, there seemed to be no chance for it to get repaired. Still, there lays her piano, unrepaired due to lack of funds her family has to invest in her best-loved asset.

Such incidents too happen so suddenly, you might not have time to call and run for an insurance company asking for coverage. Insurance for piano has options such as saving from getting broke, lost during travel, loss during rock show/event, loss during restoration and more from which you may select those suiting to your needs.

These companies also replace your instrument while placing a new one for you, if repairing it would consume more money than replacement. Before you sign up for final insurance documents of piano insurance coverage, you can clarify all your needs to the agent so that he/she can offer the best package based on their wide base knowledge of this field.

The author here guides as how one can opt for Piano Insurance so that it can save the instrument and also those extra pounds which can be consumed from your pocket, unfortunately.

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How to Buy Violin When You Wish to Learn the Instrument

music instrument
by Bookmouse

As they say- music is the way to any soul. You can find divinity through music, solace through music, you can be in ecstasy through music and of course, you can ease your pain with music. If you are a music lover and want to express yourself through a stringed instrument in music, you can try violin. Violin lessons are a little tough to learn as the instrument demands a lot of concentration and practice. There are maestros who practice for hours at a stretch and prepare their lessons.

In order to learn violin, you need to buy violin first. This is the only problem of learning a stringed or playing instrument than learning vocal. In vocal, you can start practicing the notes without the instruments, which you cannot do in case of playing instruments. There are various types of violin that you may find in a good violin shop. You can go ahead and buy the instrument which is absolutely new or an old used one as well. It is better to buy a used one, when you have just started learning.

Those who have already accomplished a certain level in playing the instrument may go ahead and buy violin that is new and a good one. You would get violins of all quality from a music instrument store that has years of experience in selling and repairing stringed instruments. But, do take regular violin lessons once you have taken the trouble to buy violin for yourself. Most people get into music out of craze to try something new and back up because of their incapability to practice.

It sounds really simple and effortless for a person taking slow and long stays on the string with the bow, but, it is really a totally different thing when it comes to playing it on the string. After weeks of your starting to learn the instrument, you still would find it very difficult to manage the notes and bring them in proper tune. Standing in some tunes would also require a lot of practice with your violin lesson.

If you are totally inexperienced about violins and do not want to take any risk while buying a good violin, you can go to a violin shop and ask them for their expert advice. Any good violin shop would tell you in details about what kinds of violins they have in their store and which would be best suitable for you. Of course, you can talk to your violin instructor about the scales and chords and all the details so that you are not totally a dumb when you talk in.

Most music instrument store would also tell you if you should buy a certain quality and the types of strings that are best for the instrument. Do learn from the store how to put the strings on and how to tune it. After all, you do not want to break your first string for the first time you are buying this melodious instrument.

Stradivari Strings provides a complete experience from providing violin instructors, violin lessons as well as a violin shop. They have trained instructors who can really take a lot of care to teach the students well.

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Before Buying A Music Instrument

music instrument
by Bookmouse

Is it your intention to get a musical instrument for yourself? Do you know there are a range of elements you will need to look upon before you really pin point on a particular instrument? But you don’t need to fret about anything as here you will get all the needed info to help you out.

When you have zeroed on a selected instrument, the first thing that you will need to decide is whether you want a new instrument or a 2nd hand one. Of course, if you have cash, your first preference would be to get a new instrument. Nevertheless if you’re running on a humble budget, then a 2nd hand instrument is a good choice.

But if you decide upon buying a 2nd hand instrument, you should look after one or two vital things. To find an instrument in good condition, for reasonable prices isn’t so simple. You must hunt for it in garage sales and flea markets to crack the top deal. A 2nd hand instrument in good shape is much better than a new instrument because, if you do like playing it at a later date, you don’t have much to lose.

Picking one music instrument amidst the enormous assortment of models and makers can be quite a task. Nonetheless you can strip down things by the way of web research. Read user and expert reviews. Also, you will find countless online discussions on diverse bulletin boards. Post your questions on such notice boards. However, the best chance will be to find the opinion of music teachers, professionals, instructors and the like.

Always remember a research prior to your any farther step is essential in almost all things. Whether you have to buy an instrument or buy contact lenses, you want to research well. When you have the correct info, you will not finish up buying a wrong product and won’t incur any losses.

Another important question is where to buy the musical instrument from. Well, there are numerous stores available to help with the same. You could check out a number of stores and compare their prices to get the very best quote for yourself. If you would like to make a web purchase, only go for a convincing vendor. It is also crucial that you may get insurance done for your musical instrument. Especially, if you’re the one that keeps travelling frequently.

You may need to get a musical instrument if you would like to pursue an online degree in music or go for some recreational pursuits. Nevertheless, be careful in spending your money and buy the right product.

I am a yoga trainer who has been teaching various yoga poses for more than 10 years now.

Here Is Some More Information On Buy Contact Lenses and Online Degree In Music.


How Does Instrument Coverage Helps Musicians

music instrument
by Jon Delorey

All equipments instruments and related accessories are quite expensive and as a professional associated with music industry it is your job to take necessary steps to se cure and safeguard your precious possession. Looking at the price and value of the instrument replacing or repairing every now and then is not at all possible. Even established music professionals who are playing in fortune suggest securing your precious belongings through right kind of plan generated by reputed firms.

The basic concept that applies to music fraternity is to purchase insurance before the disaster strikes from either of insurance providers that specialize in Music Instrument Coverage. While purchasing the insurance policy ask your insurance vendor to include the cost of the accessories along with the cost of the music instrument while generating the policy for that particular instrument. When you carry microphone, associated accessories as well as your favourite numbers collection along with your number; the total value of the whole lot adds up surprisingly. If the entire lot is misplaced while travelling and you have only purchased a plan for the instrument can cause a financial strain on your pocket. Replacing or repairing gears every now and then is not possible as when it comes to cost they too are quite expensive.

Insurance Coverage for musical instruments covers all those aspects that are typically encountered by the musicians. On an average musicians travel a lot attending concerts, events and even live shows; hence make sure to include the term worldwide. With certain instruments accessories are must, hence while asking your insurer to plan Acoustic Guitar Insurance, make sure that he has included the cost of the accessories in it.

When you are taking your entire troupe with you, insurance vendor will make sure to cover sound system, Amplifiers and entire set of accessories. Most of the insurance vendors take necessary actions as a good will in order to retain their customers.

Musicians of all types and levels should make sure to cover their prized possessions as soon as they purchase it against all possible threats. These precious items are prone to damage and threats whether at home or while in transaction so that they can reach their venue. They can be stolen, burnt through fire, can get damaged or misplaced while transaction and while at home they can be destroyed through fire or natural disaster.

Mind it, the condition of the instrument is a major determinant factor against the value for coverage, hence it is advisable to cover delicate and fragile instruments as soon as you own a piece.

In case your instrument is lost, or damaged or even theft taken place contact your firm and talk about the nature of loss. He will be the right person to guide you for the necessary action that is to be taken regarding the claim. There are arrays of insurance providers that have an expertise in taking Music Instrument Coverage; take their expert advice for having a right coverage

In this article author makes the readers understand the necessity of Instrument coverage and Acoustic Guitar Insurance in the life of musician; and the terms and conditions that are required to be included in the final deal.

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Piccolo Insurance – Specialist Music Instrument Policy for Safe Future

music instrument
by L. M. Bernhardt

Have you ever imagined your instrument being lost while you’re travelling? Awful, it is to bear it! It would now cost you much time and courage, yeah indeed to gather to purchase one such like another. The situation would even worsen down when it is your only instrument and is your living table. Whether it is for motorcycle, home, business property, car, automobiles or any such asset, they are all valuable and special to their owners.

Before any kind of loss strikes in, securing your instrument can be wise step while you’re planning to move ahead in the music industry. Not only it’s mandatory for music instrument holders but also for recording studio owners, group bands, orchestras and music instructors it becomes a necessary tool for securing the businesses.

Need To Protect Your Instrument

Many times, the owners miss out on protecting their instruments thinking it as a costly affair. But here is when they go wrong and so they miss out on insuring the musical assets which is actually important. These instruments are very sensitive in nature and are subject to damage such as loss due to fire, earthquake, flood or theft. Protection against such damages is necessary as these instruments can get their parts or may be completely damaged due to these reasons. To prevent the instrument from breaking off, insurance is the right coverage option you can go for. There are even homeowner’s insurance packages which issue the policy on the same day while promising insurance for your asset. Select the company whose package matches to your needs and then opt for insurance policy for your musical instrument.

Get Your Policy Customized

Piccolo Insurance from reputed company can be customized as per specific requirements which depend on the usage of the asset. There are over a thousand musicians all over the country who have insured their instrument/s. Rather than staying in fear while performing over the stage, the better decision would be to cover your insurance as they also have sentimental value attached with it and not only monetary. Not only Piccolo, but Flute, Bassoon, Woodwind, Brass, Harp, Piano and few others can be insured in order to keep their parts undamaged. After contacting the nearest insurance vendor, you can ask him/her to provide coverage before any kind of loss clouts it.

The insurance dealer will know your personal requirements first and then only they would frame the package. And this would be the best option as there is an array of musical instruments and so they are required to get secured from liabilities. Concert Insurance is required when you’re into event organizing as then you would be surrounded with a lot of liabilities. May it be music or pre-wedding rock band concert, such insurance will save from third party and other liabilities that might cause loss to them.

The author talks about specializing for Music Instrument Policy such as Piccolo Insurance as it is the best option for safeguarding the instrument in your business.

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Piano Insurance – For Your Instrument is special asset for you!

music instrument
by bricolage.108

Are you an instrument player’s fan? Have you ever heard of music instrument being broken right in front of audience when the player is about to being with his performance? Every one of us has been a music fan since our ears have heard the music waves flowing via any instrument. Few of us might have known the lives of music instrument players from close view as their friends or someone from the family have been into this artistic line from the beginning. Whether you have known or not, here we would like to have a sneak peek into their lives as how they have to deal with few liabilities which if not handled well, can cause harm to their beloved professions.

Music Teacher insurance policy would last for longer period of time as usually it ranges from three months to six, eight, nine and more further as per the paying capacity of the insured person. It certainly depends on the coverage options you prefer to opt as per your budget which is most important. The agents would prefer to ensure the equipment in the best possible way as there are some instances where the insured asset is highly prone to damage or losing them over completely.

The insurer makes sure that the instrument is best protected from the all the major liabilities surrounding the industry. These agents are sentient of the risks pertaining to the music instrument players and so after knowing their complete set of requirements, they offer a right policy to them. It would save the instrument/s from fire, theft or such third party liability. For any kind of additional premium to be opted for your insurance policy, there are other options that can be included in it so that the insured person can play safe. Along with musical instrument, there are other tools and electronic equipments that might too get damaged or stolen while the show is on! Event Liability insurance would save the agent/company from claims that might be harmful to their brand image while taking away more dollars than their actually earnings from the concert or show. Legal liabilities are faced by most of the musicians as their professions are tied up with risk factors that might make them loose over their precious assets. How would you manage to pass through the claim if there is a heavy third party liability hitting on you soon after you’d had a good performance in live concert last week!

There are special music insurance policy companies in the market which have been offering customized policies to the instrument holders, recording studio owners, event organizers and other such vendors who are affiliated to this industry. Piano Insurance is important as it saves the instrument from getting damaged due to any natural calamity such as earthquake, tornado, strong whirlwind, etc. Such as piano, there are other instruments as well like Guitar, Cello, Keyboard, Drum, Bassoon, Trumpet, etc. for whom insurance policies are designed.

The author says that Piano Insurance would save the instrument from major of the liabilities as these musician’s profession is tied up with risk factors; indeed to be dealt with due care.

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Does String Instrument Insurance help to stay safe against Liabilities?

music instrument
by K ~ The Eternal Spirit

Musicians over the globe face a lot of risks while performing on stage for their events, concerts and music shows. Whether you’re a part-time guitar artist or living on your musical instrument, these assets are very sensitive and also not to forget as they are highly expensive too. Being in this profession, everyone is under constant fear of losing their instrument /s and there are high chances for its damage. Maestros have even suggested that purchasing an insurance policy is like a boon to them and their bright future. Every music instrument player and teacher has to carry it to different places while they perform for concerts and shows.

Why to plan for Insurance?

Are you too one in that league? Wake up and consult an insurance advisor today for securing your instrument against liabilities. Instrument coverage would secure it till next 30 days, three months or even a year as it all depends on the owner how he/she chooses it up to. During their travel, the chances of instrument loss or theft increases as you never know if your beloved asset is damaged. Musical instrument insurance can save your hard-earned money and thus saving it from prone liabilities which can drag their success miles away. Performing is an art and if your instrument is well-maintained & covered with policy, it will lessen down the risks in your profession. Even for music teachers and instructors, it becomes vital to safeguard their instrument/s while they move ahead on the path of their music career.

Insurance policy covers the insured property and also the insured indirectly within the limits in their own business/profession. Such coverage policies include any kind of natural or sudden damage due to uncertain reasons, expect for those which are not included in the clause while purchasing the policy.

String Instrument Insurance in usual covers:

– Loss due to fire, storm or other natural calamity
– Theft
– Travel based Risks
– Professional Indemnity

Customizing Your Insurance Package

There are a myriad of companies in the country who specialize in providing insurance packages for music teachers, recording studios, event liability and instruments as well. They are well-known as what kind of dangers do these professionals face during their performance or even before it. Coverage includes any kind of unforeseen physical loss which can make you spend few dollars out of your savings. Select from them and purchase from a reputed vendor who can customize your policy as per your needs. There are premium ratio options which they provide and from them, you can select from and then pay accordingly. Recording Studio Insurance will secure your studio and its equipments as it is a good protection which stays for longer period of time.

Contact the experts in this industry and insure your instrument at affordable-cost annual premium.

The author here is the owner of string instrument who did suffer loss due to theft and so guides the other such owners to keep their instruments secured with an Recording Studio Insurance policy.

Check this out! Top 10 weird, funny and odd musical instruments. Have fun!
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Forgotten Music Instrument in Music Festivals

music instrument
by Jsome1

Performers performing in music festivals have a huge impact on the listeners but this impact is not only because of the vocal or physical talent of the artist but also the sound effects that are playing in the back-ground. Future music festivals will probably not use old analogue instruments for live shows but the true harmony and original sounds that once these instrument made will be forever missed by the listeners. The main reason of the end of usages of these instrument is because of the development in digital music. These digital synthesizers are capable of generating any known form of music so original sounds are now replaced by these.

Music festivals are not only about the artists but they are also about the various music instruments. Following is a list of most ancient instruments that are somewhere lost in this technologically advanced world.

The Glass Armonica : It is a glass bowl instruments that forms its main structure by adding many glass bowls together. The expertise in playing Glass Armonica is found rarely, it produces a cracking sound with a harmony that is very unique. It is a very rare form of instrument and if you have seen someone playing it than consider yourself lucky. Although it is a very rare and ancient form of musical instrument it’s hardly seen anywhere. Many lead made bowls have caused poisoning in some cases.

Cymbalom: It is a kind of concert dulcimer, this special instrument is very popular in Hungary and nearby areas along with Greece. It is formed by brass strings tightly strung over a frame. Two big beaters are used for the strike the strings to create a very unique coarse sound.

Harp: We have all seen harp in fairy tales and in story books but only a few of us have ever listened to the sweet and melodious tone of Harp. It is a stringed instruments that is played with bare hands. It is casted in an inverted D, so it is has to played while sitting. Harps have their history associated with Asia, Africa, South & North America, Europe etc.

Guqing/ Ku chin:- The ancestor of guitar and all other stringed music instruments, ku chin is one of the oldest stringed music instruments in the history of the world. It traces it origins in china and other Asian countries. It is played just by the putting it flat, it is made up of wood and we still have some ku chins form 500AD.

Future music festivals are now using these old and forgotten music instruments as many performers are opting to play these instruments in live concerts. Not only these music instruments have an original melody but these produce better sounds than their digital friends.

sumit kumar is a professional content writer used to write content on different topics. Right now, he is sharing the content about music festival 2013

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Music Instrument Coverage – Five Things That Make a Great Plan

music instrument
by Photos By Clark

As a musician you are aware of the importance of insuring your musical instrument. From loss of the instrument to damage, the risks associated with the profession are many. Modern performers face new set of challenges that musicians in the past would have seldom faced. You can be held liable for an unfortunate incident that takes place during your performance or inside your home music school. This is the reason most musicians and event organizers opt for liability coverage in their insurance plan. Coming back to your musical instrument, you need to be extra cautious while buying an insurance plan that offers you adequate coverage. While there are different types of instrument coverage being talked about, here are five things that make a great plan.

1.Risks Covered – Before buying an insurance plan for your instrument you need to take a look at the risks covered under the plan. Your instrument can be damaged on stage or during transit. Similarly you may lose it from your home or while it is being handled at the airport. A good insurance plan needs to cover all such risks and offer you complete peace of mind.

2.Valued At Insurance Coverage – This is one of the most important aspects of any insurance plan. The ‘valued at’ clause defines the amount of money for which your instrument has been insured. The same amount would be paid to you as compensation in case of loss and complete damage to the instrument. It serves better than replacement cost as it is predetermined and doesn’t require any negotiation in the event of loss.

3.Worldwide Coverage – Read into the finer lines of the insurance plan and see if it places any restrictions based on geography. Music knows no boundaries and you may tour the world to entertain people. So you must choose an insurance plan that offers you worldwide coverage and doesn’t restrict the benefits within a certain geographical area.

4.Replacement Coverage – Imagine a situation when your instrument is being repaired and you have to perform at an event. In such circumstances you would have to hire an instrument which can burn a hole in your pocket as such charges are pretty steep. You need not worry if you have replacement coverage as this would bear the cost of hiring an instrument while yours is being repaired.

5. Business Interruption Compensation – The risks associated with your instrument goes much beyond repair and replacement cost. There are situation where loss of damage to an instrument may prevent you from performing and lead to financial losses. A good musician’s coverage would offer take care of your loss of income in such situations.
Any insurance plan that fulfills these five parameters would take care of all the risks associated with your instrument. Apart from these there are many other additional protections that you can opt for and these include Inflation protection and partial loss/damage protection. A good music insurance company would offer you all these protections and help you mitigate all the risks associated with your profession.

Author is an insurance agent with over a decade-long experience. He helps musicians choose the best instrument coverage.

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Music Instrument Ins – Covering precious assets for having better future in profession

music instrument
by Aleksandr Zykov

There is no business which doesn’t carry risk factors with it. Be it for a property dealer, music teacher or pizza place owner, due to fast pacing world there are uncertainties prone in every profession. With such paradigm shift in the music industry, music professionals have been facing situations where in they have to lose over the precious assets. If any musician is losing over her electronic guitar right before few minutes of her final performance, there is no way out to get it back soon or getting repaired in case it is broken. Such big opportunities barely come in hands and when you tend to lose it due to not securing your instrument would surely turn off your profession, at least for a while!

The experts of these insurance agencies have been customizing insurance packages for various purposes in order to save these instruments from getting broke. Whether you’re a band player or a guitar who has been performing for music shows while travelling to different places, all of these people require safety space for their instruments. To cover them from loss, fire, theft, heavy storm etc. insurance policy can cover it at right prices. The premium to be paid in exchange of assurity given by the insurance companies is minimal & quite affordable for the musicians and music teachers.

Music Instrument Ins. has been offering coverage for all kinds of musical instruments. Few of them are:

– Flute Insurance
– Harp Insurance
– Oboe Insurance
– Piccolo Insurance
– Guitar/Electronic Guitar Insurance
– Music Instructor Insurance
– Public Liability Insurance
– Recording Studio Insurance
– Concert Insurance

They have been assisting music professionals, musicians, band artists, music instructors and even amateurs to safeguard their instruments for longer period of time. Time and again age comes in for everything and so even for musical instruments. Age is one of the biggest factors which cannot be avoided and so few companies offer policy coverage for wear & tear as well. Instrument repairers face dangers in terms of their life risk and so insurance policy can keep it safe for effective time period. Insurance for appraisers and retailers is also offered the professionals as they are well-aware of the dangers faced in this business. This would allow them to have sustainability factor for a good time period where as focusing on their business while fetching more customers. Don’t leave your instrument & in turn your profession in despair that might let you down morally and financially too. Meeting the needs of any music individual or music recording studio, the insurance coverage would be a safe umbrella which can protect your asset/s from third party liabilities as well.

If you really love your instrument, get an insurance policy from an agency that specializes in offering insurance for musical instruments and musicians.

The author refers to well known company; Music Instrument Ins. that offers insurance policies for Flute Insurance and also for recording studio, concerts & third party liabilities in order to safeguard them in right price.


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