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Piano Insurance – Protecting your Instrument against all odds

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by miheco

Probably, huge number of musical instrument owners, music studio owners and such more people would be visiting insurance companies & individual agents asking about the insurance to cover their professional asset. The very usual question asked by them is “Why should I insure it?” or “How can I cover it from risks while playing at rock shows & events?” Here every owner would ask for viable options for insurance as safety if in case anything unexpectedly happens. Few artists are like nomads who travel at different locations with their instruments and of course, bands if they are a music brand to conduct shows.

How to approach for right insurance cover?

The first call that you need to take is searching out couple of insurance companies in your nearest city to whom you can take an appointment & reach at their office. These insurance companies being in the industry for long years are well-aware of your love towards music & instrument and so they have constructed few insurance policies which can be fit as per every individual’s needs. May it be String Instrument Insurance, Violin Insurance, Electric Guitar Insurance, Drum Insurance, Woodwind Insurance, Brass Insurance and few others, all sorts of music equipments can be saved from danger! Theft, repair or replacement of the instrument can come without any sure time moment and then you would lose upon your precious asset, if you haven’t been responsible enough to buy an insurance coverage.

Talking about Piano Insurance, piano is undoubtedly one of the most sensitive instruments of music world. It requires due care to be taken taking sometime out of your day’s schedule, if you really love it. My niece has its first love over piano which her father had gifted her on 7th birthday last year and now she is on with her music lessons over it as personal coaching. Her teacher once came home and was teaching for level 2. Sandra, my niece went to pick up huge jar of juice but as it was too heavy for her it fell on her piano and broke few keys. She was too heavy-hearted after this incident as her father had gathered a lot of money and now, there seemed to be no chance for it to get repaired. Still, there lays her piano, unrepaired due to lack of funds her family has to invest in her best-loved asset.

Such incidents too happen so suddenly, you might not have time to call and run for an insurance company asking for coverage. Insurance for piano has options such as saving from getting broke, lost during travel, loss during rock show/event, loss during restoration and more from which you may select those suiting to your needs.

These companies also replace your instrument while placing a new one for you, if repairing it would consume more money than replacement. Before you sign up for final insurance documents of piano insurance coverage, you can clarify all your needs to the agent so that he/she can offer the best package based on their wide base knowledge of this field.

The author here guides as how one can opt for Piano Insurance so that it can save the instrument and also those extra pounds which can be consumed from your pocket, unfortunately.

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Does String Instrument Insurance help to stay safe against Liabilities?

music instrument
by K ~ The Eternal Spirit

Musicians over the globe face a lot of risks while performing on stage for their events, concerts and music shows. Whether you’re a part-time guitar artist or living on your musical instrument, these assets are very sensitive and also not to forget as they are highly expensive too. Being in this profession, everyone is under constant fear of losing their instrument /s and there are high chances for its damage. Maestros have even suggested that purchasing an insurance policy is like a boon to them and their bright future. Every music instrument player and teacher has to carry it to different places while they perform for concerts and shows.

Why to plan for Insurance?

Are you too one in that league? Wake up and consult an insurance advisor today for securing your instrument against liabilities. Instrument coverage would secure it till next 30 days, three months or even a year as it all depends on the owner how he/she chooses it up to. During their travel, the chances of instrument loss or theft increases as you never know if your beloved asset is damaged. Musical instrument insurance can save your hard-earned money and thus saving it from prone liabilities which can drag their success miles away. Performing is an art and if your instrument is well-maintained & covered with policy, it will lessen down the risks in your profession. Even for music teachers and instructors, it becomes vital to safeguard their instrument/s while they move ahead on the path of their music career.

Insurance policy covers the insured property and also the insured indirectly within the limits in their own business/profession. Such coverage policies include any kind of natural or sudden damage due to uncertain reasons, expect for those which are not included in the clause while purchasing the policy.

String Instrument Insurance in usual covers:

– Loss due to fire, storm or other natural calamity
– Theft
– Travel based Risks
– Professional Indemnity

Customizing Your Insurance Package

There are a myriad of companies in the country who specialize in providing insurance packages for music teachers, recording studios, event liability and instruments as well. They are well-known as what kind of dangers do these professionals face during their performance or even before it. Coverage includes any kind of unforeseen physical loss which can make you spend few dollars out of your savings. Select from them and purchase from a reputed vendor who can customize your policy as per your needs. There are premium ratio options which they provide and from them, you can select from and then pay accordingly. Recording Studio Insurance will secure your studio and its equipments as it is a good protection which stays for longer period of time.

Contact the experts in this industry and insure your instrument at affordable-cost annual premium.

The author here is the owner of string instrument who did suffer loss due to theft and so guides the other such owners to keep their instruments secured with an Recording Studio Insurance policy.

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Music Instrument Insurance – Protecting the instrument against all sporadic events further

music instrument
by K ~ The Eternal Spirit

These days, it has become vital for everyone to think about their future security. We are quite equipped with the terms of mutual investments and insurance policies taken up that can save us from not only money loss but asset loss as well. Protecting yourself from natural happenings such as accidents in merely not in any one’s hands but buying a safeguard cover can really do so! It can be our negligence or negligence of others. But insurance is such a coverage option which has covered people and their valuable properties since long years

If you’re a music teacher and impart music lessons to the students for Piccolo, how much sure are you to safeguard the instrument which is the life line for your living? Piccolo, Oboe Insurance saves you from loss, accidental damage and theft which might occur, unreasonably. To keep playing and teaching student it is important to protect the instrument so that you’re insuring the value of your musical asset.

Music Instrument Insurance covers:

1. Public Liability
2. Third Party
3. Equipment breakdown
4. Repair for loss
5. Replace in case of complete breakdown or loss due to fire/theft

Such as your life, family and other such assets you should even have provision for your professions if you call in any of the below categories: dancers, DJs, music artists, singers and street performers. If you’re a frequent traveler where you have to travel for shows and events, you need to have insurance for the same. You’re performing in an event and suddenly due to technical errors your electric guitar is damaged & you stare at it with broken heart. Insurance for Flute can save you if your instrument has caught fire and is totally burnt to use it again.

These insurance companies offer a wide range of options from which you can select the most suitable. They work towards an aim of protecting musical instruments which are just invaluable to their owners. May it be for wedding, business party or evening rock show event, every such liability can be covered. A brief check over the available options of insurance policies can really make you think over to have one for you. Event liability insurance covers the odd risks which are responsible for event cancellation or postponement periodically.

Even you can contact them online, by filling the form over the website and the policy letter is not far from you. If there is a neighbor of yours who is an insurance agent herself, no one can be better to explain you the advantages of having insurance policy while you’re leading a risky profession. Once you’re done with the formalities, the policy package directly reaches your house door via parcel. If you’ve applied through online application, it would be there in mail box soon. There are options for renewal too if you’ve taken insurance only for small period; a year or two which can be extended for life long period.

The author bio talks about having Flute Insurance which can save you from losing over your instrument and you can even have lifelong insurance coverage to protect against all risks that can damage it.

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