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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Buying a Guitar, But Never Asked

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by frankieleon

If you have not done it before, and you’re planning to buy your first electric or acoustic guitar, chances are you are a little anxious about the selection and offers at the stores. Either if you look at some of the on-line music retailers as well as the off-line stores close to you, the amount of options and alternatives can sometimes be overwhelming if you are not sure of all the variables.

Let’s go over some basic rules that would help you make the right guitar decision:

Be patient. As they say, good things happen to those who wait. This cannot be more true. You don’t have to rush into making a purchase that same day you go to the store, or simply because you got a new offer in the email. Take your time and explore the alternatives before committing to any instrument.

Keep your cool. Be always in control of the situation. Don’t allow any salesman to intimidate you, even if you’re not certain of instrument’s specifications. Ask questions, don’t be afraid to ask what you don’t know, remember that as a customer, you’re entitled to get answers about the product you’re about to purchase.

Research. In all honesty, I think that doing the proper research should be your first and foremost priority. Look online for instrument’s reviews, talk to other musicians, download guitar’s catalog and specifications. Having enough knowledge about the electric or acoustic guitar you’re about to purchase would make all the difference in the world, since it would help you make the proper decision and investment in your music’s future. Having all the facts and virtues of an instrument would allow you to asses its value and limitation. This holds true, not only to a music instrument, but to many sorts of products, ranging from electronics to services.

Call the guitar guy. There’s always someone around you, either a friend, a member of your extended family or simply someone from church or school, who might know more about electric and acoustic guitars than you do. Explain your situation, the type of instrument you’re looking for and the budget you can afford. Sometimes having someone with more experience on the subject can share a new light over your current perspective and empower you into a better set of choices.

Try it out. Don’t take anybody’s word for it. At the end of the day it’s you who’s making the call, so don’t be afraid to ask around and try the guitar yourself. Perhaps you realized, after countless hours of on-line research, that while playing the guitar at the store, you don’t find it comfortable enough. Doesn’t matter what people said at the guitar forums or at the chat rooms, you should feel at ease playing the instrument. This is the ultimate test, the one that can only be done by you.

As always you should have the last word on what you want, the final decision should be all yours. After all, this investment would be part of your music path, forging your first steps as a guitar player, as well as creating your ultimate sound and musical voice. Take in account all this useful tips and don’t forget to share them with the other future musicians and next generation of guitar players.

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Fast facts about Medieval Instruments Music and Hymn

music instrument
by Difei Li

Music is the language of the soul. Music has been part of our lives, as well as we have been part of music. Even through the Stone Age when the earliest people did not have the sophisticated instruments with them, they were still able to develop the music that bonded them as one. As centuries go by, music has been utilized for various purposes. There have been music for conflict, music for conquest, and music for downfall, among others. Among these periodical music, Medieval music is a point of interest, where Medieval instruments music and hymn are the major topic.

The period between 5th to 15th centuries in Europe brought about medieval music. Going back to the history, Medieval Era commences after the Fall of the Roman Empire and ends in the early 15th century, approximately. Gregorian Chant is considered as the most prevalent type of earlier medieval period music. It is of a liturgical genre. Most people believe that medieval songs are generally spiritual, such as the melodious Gregorian chant. But there were also songs and hymns composed out of the church’s influence. One of the greatest contributions of the medieval ages maybe that we could count second to the songs are the instruments.

Considered to be the one of the most honored Medieval instruments through the Medieval Era, lute is contained in all the possible materials, accents, and accessories, such as tapestries, and wall hangings. According to records, the first lutes were made of wood, bone, ivory, and exotic woods. As a stringed instrument that is similar to guitar, lute is plucked using what they call a “plectrum” or using fingers.

Another medieval music instrument is the Viol, an instrument that is played using a bow. The Viol is commonly held on the lap, or placed between the legs. This musical instrument is said to be similar to a modern day cello.

Another bowed instrument that is like a small violin is the Rebec. It is said that possibly, this instrument is created to ape the voice. Historians say that it was played by the commoners coming from the modern day Western Asia.

We also should not forget to include the Northern Europeans’ hand drum, which was played by Irish and the Scots. The Irish and Scots also have bagpipes, used mainly for battles, but are used also in their quotidian living. Modern bagpipes present today, nonetheless, have more pieces to it. The pieces that will be included in the bagpipes vary depending on which country it originated from. Another widespread instrument of the 13th thru 16th century is the organetto, which is said to be similar to a modern-day organ when it comes to sound. It is also said that probably, it is the inspiration for the accordion.

There are still more instruments in the medieval ages. The above mentioned are just few of them. These instruments have different roles and functions in the period that they are prevalent. Modern versions of these Medieval instruments music are available and are ready to use. It is also better if we, the modern day people, study the history of our instruments, and compare how they function now and in the past.

If you want to listen and feel the beat of ethnic musical instruments, you should try Medieval instruments . It has a distinct sound that creates music to hear. Or you may want to try bodhran .

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