Forgotten Music Instrument in Music Festivals

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Performers performing in music festivals have a huge impact on the listeners but this impact is not only because of the vocal or physical talent of the artist but also the sound effects that are playing in the back-ground. Future music festivals will probably not use old analogue instruments for live shows but the true harmony and original sounds that once these instrument made will be forever missed by the listeners. The main reason of the end of usages of these instrument is because of the development in digital music. These digital synthesizers are capable of generating any known form of music so original sounds are now replaced by these.

Music festivals are not only about the artists but they are also about the various music instruments. Following is a list of most ancient instruments that are somewhere lost in this technologically advanced world.

The Glass Armonica : It is a glass bowl instruments that forms its main structure by adding many glass bowls together. The expertise in playing Glass Armonica is found rarely, it produces a cracking sound with a harmony that is very unique. It is a very rare form of instrument and if you have seen someone playing it than consider yourself lucky. Although it is a very rare and ancient form of musical instrument it’s hardly seen anywhere. Many lead made bowls have caused poisoning in some cases.

Cymbalom: It is a kind of concert dulcimer, this special instrument is very popular in Hungary and nearby areas along with Greece. It is formed by brass strings tightly strung over a frame. Two big beaters are used for the strike the strings to create a very unique coarse sound.

Harp: We have all seen harp in fairy tales and in story books but only a few of us have ever listened to the sweet and melodious tone of Harp. It is a stringed instruments that is played with bare hands. It is casted in an inverted D, so it is has to played while sitting. Harps have their history associated with Asia, Africa, South & North America, Europe etc.

Guqing/ Ku chin:- The ancestor of guitar and all other stringed music instruments, ku chin is one of the oldest stringed music instruments in the history of the world. It traces it origins in china and other Asian countries. It is played just by the putting it flat, it is made up of wood and we still have some ku chins form 500AD.

Future music festivals are now using these old and forgotten music instruments as many performers are opting to play these instruments in live concerts. Not only these music instruments have an original melody but these produce better sounds than their digital friends.

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