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by dominicotine

Being a music buff have you ever thought to witness the happenings of a music concert through the proximity of back stage? As a music lover you might know a set of music artists and performers residing in your city, but have you ever made efforts to be part of them?? Music is a wide domain or you can say an art itself; and owing to the wonderful artists and music instrument players, there is a huge surge in music fraternity across the globe. As per the graph, tickets of music concerts get sold faster and this trend proves that each of us loves music from heart.

Music fraternity holds myriad of instruments in its lap, from vintage to modern; and through these instruments musical notes are been composed. Such is the impact of music in the society that in each and every era the demands of music tutorials have never witnessed depreciation. But, all of us well aware that each profession is encircled by risks of their own; but remember each of them has solution that will help either to escape from such perils or minimize them. In present era of uncertainties, protecting your line of work with secured keys becomes quite essential. All instruments and equipments especially heritage one are quite sensitive in nature so for a long life they require utmost care. What will be your reaction when your heritage instrument is into pieces during the practice session at back stage? No one wants to color their profession into shades of grey; especially when their priceless asst is either broken or lost. Securing your professional identity would be quite appreciable as it would save unexpected consequences; and insurance policies serve the same purpose.

Why Purchasing Instrument Coverage Is Considered To Be An Important Step?

There are sets of insurance vendors who offer customized guidelines for musical instruments, recording studio owners’ music bands, orchestras and many others who are associated with this booming industry. Having an Insurance Coverage will help these professionals to safeguard their respective instruments from all sorts of perils as storm fire electric shortage as well as theft and misplace. The plans purchased can be purchased for few months or also for years, it just depends on the feasibility of the owners.

Keep Your Heritage Instrument Safe

Each and every person loves his/ her assets, and instruments too fall in the same list!! As a studio owner or a music instrument repairer you might have covered your business property under the right nature of plan, but when it comes to delicate and precious music instruments there are few who are conscious. Once the instruments are broken or damaged, owners face a lot of trouble for the repair and fixing other issues. It is better to take precautionary measures before falling in dump. Whether you perform individually or attached to a band or an orchestra, it is quite essential to safeguard it. If your instrument is having heritage value, wrapping it is under Heritage Music Insurance becomes more important, as these instruments are more delicate and fragile comparatively; and are more prone to threats and dangers.

In this write up author throws the light on benefits of having
Heritage Music Insurance; and how Insurance Coverage helps studio owners in retaining their professional and financial; status.

Music Box & Modulin - 2 new music instruments (

We filmed this one-take video to demonstrate the newly built Music Box and the Modulin, Enjoy!

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Ps. I have named this instrument “The Modulin” because i see it as a mix of a MODular syntheseiser and a vioLIN – MODULIN. We will film more videos to explain how it works. I am also building a version 2.0 of this Modulin for stability, it is very cobbled together at this stage and it has broken down on us on stage several times…

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